Friday, October 27, 2006

access mde error:2501

Platform: MS Access 2003 Runtime edition, compiled mde CRM system
Problem: One user on one machine has this 'error:2501 - openreport cancelled' appearing whenever they try and print a report (to screen or file or anything). Other users can log on to PC and into CRM and have no problems printing reports etc?
Same user can log on to other company PCs and has no problems....

Fix: Although the report is not being 'printed' out physically ie its on screen only. The users default printer must be set (it was int this instance). To remedy this I set adifferent printer as default and eureka it works ....
The PC in question was brand new, the user was old (no offense) so when she logged onto other 'older' company PCs her print settings were correct?

Comment: Weirdness is everywhere, must move CRM system off Access, it does a great job, but has its own oddities that happen from time to time randomly.

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