Monday, November 24, 2008

moving a database from sql 2005 to sql2000.....

This I would have thought would have been a fairly easy task, as the DB in question used to be hosted on a SQL2000 server and was detached, then attached to the SQL2005 development server to be adjusted etc etc. I even left the compatibility set to 80.

The only structural changes were via the aspnet provider script + the odd new table/stored proc etc

However when I came to move the DB back to the live server all hell broke loose. Well I might be exaggarating a bit there, but it felt like it.

To cut a long story short I followed these steps to get it all to work;

1- Script Database as .... Create to ...
2- Run the installProviders.sql for aspnet
3- Task ... Generate scripts ... (then manually edit this to remove any of references already created by the installProviders.sql above, also had to manually remove a number of the unusual SQL2005 extra bits)
4- Add required sql users
5- I used Redgate SQL Compare (trial edition) to move the actual data across (the SQL 2005 export tool failed)
6- crossed fingers and it seems to have worked...

It seems annoying that even if you set the compat to SQL2000t hat its still won't work, but I know now. ha ha.

As soon as possible I think the live server will get an upgrade....

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Startup Zone

This is a great site from Microsoft for all new businesses to look at.

If you are an IT service provider like us, you can add you profile for others to find you, or if you are after some IT services there are loads of company profiles to look through.

Best of all if you are a IT type person and use microsoft products you can get tthem free if you register!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Google Analytics Feature: Event Tracking

This little dittybelow from the big 'G' will mean loads more data for SEO'ers and developers to work with, currently any action within an AJAX upadate panel for example is not seen by Google analytics.
Now it seems that is about to change, well at least for some sites they have selected in the pilot, keep an eye out as the launch of this to every other account may not be advertised and the functionality may just 'appear', so to make sure you can access this as soon its available it moght be worth updating your sites to use the new urchin javascript!


Greetings from Google Analytics,

We are happy to let you know that a new feature called Event Tracking is now available in the following Google Analytics profiles: Please note that you are receiving this email update since you are an 'Admin' for the profiles listed above.
When you log in to these profiles, you will see a new set of reports called "Event Tracking" under the Content section. As posted on our blog, this is a limited release currently available only to select profiles.

Event Tracking allows you to track interactions with Web 2.0 style content such as Flash, AJAX, Adobe Air, Silverlight, social networking apps, etc. It essentially allows you to track interactions beyond just pageviews.

To use Event Tracking, you will need to upgrade your site to use the new ga.js javascript. Detailed instructions on how to set up Event Tracking on your site are available on our newly launched CodeSite. To find your ga.js code snippet, edit the settings for your profile and click the "Check Status" link on the upper right corner of the page.


The Google Analytics Team