Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Windows Server 2003 R2 - network connection error

This is a weird one that I have heard about from one other person,

I have just installed Windows Server 2003 R2 onto an HP DX2000 desktop, setup went perfect, very fast and simple. I liked the fact that nothing installed by default so install time was approx 40mins from CD Boot.

However 3 hours later I still could not connect to the LAN?
And as this release of the server family is supposedly the easiest to configure and get going I was perplexed. I installed every version of the network drivers available.
Still the same error, the network would connect and start dhcp then drop after a few seconds then a few minutes later the same over and over etc etc.

A few years ago I was told of aadsl modem that would not connect to a certain brand (top level one - red) of firewall with similiar symptoms, this was caused by something to do with the phasing of the network card firmware. I am not an expert so if anyone can shed some light on how this really works I am interested in hearing the real explanation.
As far as I understand the sitch/hub/router trys to talk with the network card at random intervals, and the network card does the same to the sitch/hub etc.

But what if they both are using the same algorithm to guess when to talk next?....

I fixed my problem the same I was shown to fix the firewall modem put a hub/switch between them and hey presto it works as the in between device will get both lots of talk at the same time but adjusts the pasing to suit itself... easy

Would have been a quicker fix if I had remembered it earlier.

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