Friday, January 16, 2009

be carfeul of skype when editing your website!

I have been building websites for a number of years so many in fact I now build websites to buld websites (content management systems), so it came as a surprised that while I was editing a customers live website I noticed a lrage number of missing images on the contact page.

This was easily fixed by turning the skype browser button OFF and removing the skype injected code from the editor before I saved the HTML again.

It's interesting to note that when this skype bar is turned on it has rendering control over every page you view, that is it can inject its own html/javascript into the page as its being rendered by your faithful browser. - is this some kind of loop hole int he broswer security?

So if you do use a web based wyziwyg editor, be careful of toolbar injectors, they can create a LOT of code that you will never need to use.

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