Monday, March 30, 2009

wemoot - it's alive!

wemoot - the cultural community I have been building wemoot with Jorge Gonzalez in secret (kind of) for the last 8 months or so, fine tuning and redeveloping his idea to give everyone the oppurtunity to share/find and learn from a single place on the internet.

When asked what wemoot is I normally say "It's like Faceook with brains", don't get me wrong old facebook does a great job, but it doesn't have any 'information' in it, it's great for keeping in touch with friends, but I can't learn anything from it.
Wemoot gives me somewhere to share information I find/know and to do it easily, yes I could have gone to wikipedia to leave information, but I have tried that before and have had this information rewritten or deleted by other people, for me I wanted somewhere where I could write an article about web design for example or search engine optimisation and share it with a community of people in the knowledge that it was mine and it could not be edited by others, they should be able to discuss it and leave feedback etc, but it's still mine.

And that's why I thought Jorge's idea was a fantastic one and one I know will have great success and possibly change the way a lot of people interact with content.

I suppose the tech name for wemoot would be a content distribuition platform, with relted discussions and personal messaging. more wemoot tech stuff here.

The test site went live on the 9th of Febraury 2009 (929) and thanks to all the popel testing the full version went live last week!

If you have ever wanted to share some information you think others would be interested in or just want to throw some ideas out to a communtiy of people register and become part of the internet's coolest new cultural communitiy

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