Monday, September 14, 2009

Live writer


Well so far (only a few characters in though) so good.

Live writer (part of the Live essentials download) is pretty simple to use, install/download takes about 3-5 minutes (no restart needed) and once I remembered my password it all loaded nice and fast.

Obligatory screenshot:

I am impressed by the way it works,  there are enough functions to keep someone like me happy, you can set daes to future publish blogs, copy/paste images straight in, preview/edit the blog etc.

The interface doesn’t look like is has been touched with the Office 2007 brush, very basic.


I wonder why they can’t have this functionality directly in word/OneNote etc?


Score 8/10



Take off at least 4 from the 8/10 score as you cant upload images directly you, guessing if it was a MS bloghost it would work though.

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