Monday, May 17, 2010

Just back form a great holiday in France (stayed in Manninghem, inland form Le Torquest and south of Calais).
Arriving on a bank holiday was meant there wasn't a lot open or people about, although at times it felt like we were living in a post apocalypse universe... where do the people go?

As holidays go it was just what I needed, the house we stayed at had NI (no internet), limited heating (so we had to get a roaring fire going each night -very manly) and even squeezed in a BBQ and some drunk golf in the back yard!

We didn't do much, bar sitting on the beach for 2 days (not too hot, but got a bit burnt) drinking a bit much each night and chilling, which was great.

back to real life and real projects!

Must admit I didn't really miss the internet or emails.... well not much

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