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Three UK create an unhappy customer (me)

chillfire on October 26, 2010

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Thanks for the response,

To be honest, for now I am happy with the phone, only 4Gb left after 5 days and that’s without any music on it..

As I mentioned I need a windows phone as part of my job, but I don’t have any other options on 3 for a different win 7 phone.

So there are no options for me at the moment to swap and even if I did pick another handset I would definitely end up with a phone I didn’t want for 2 years, a big fat catch 22 you might say.

What I am not at all happy with is the fact that the information I was given (and so have 3 retail staff I have spoken too) was incorrect when I purchased it leaving me with a phone that I am going to HAVE to upgrade in the next 12 months, leaving me out of pocket by +/- £400. This is really a trading standards issue I suppose?

I really do not understand how I cannot be allowed to get a free upgrade in 12 months time to a new win 7 phone, I suppose it really depends on if I am going to spend more than the trade price for the phone over the next 12 months, surely over the last 4 years or so I must have built up a fairly nice profit for 3?

On a side note (kind of) who does you ‘real’ testing for new handsets when they get released?

Is there any chance of testing the new 7 phones when they come out on behalf of 3, this wont cost you anything and would give me the chance to possibly get a phone that does what I need it to?

By the way I was told by the upgrades team I could not return the phone if I have turned it on/used it…

Can someone please tell me what the email address is to send my complaint to?

The one 333 gave me was incorrect and the email has bounced.


Moderator on October 26, 2010

@Chillfire – If you’re not happy with your Omnia 7 you can return it, as you’re still within your 14 days. If you want to discuss other phones then yes that’s a call to 333 and they’ll run through all your options. I don’t believe we can let you keep the phone until an upgraded model is released because we will need you to fulfil your contract with us. Thanks for the feedback you sent across to me, this has been sent to the retail team and they are making sure all the team are up-to-date.

chillfire on October 26, 2010

morning, can someone drop me an email if anything is being actioned for me or if I need to try to talk to 333 again?

chillfire on October 25, 2010

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 Again not for public info;

Just thought I should let you know I think this “Does it have SD expansion” problem may be bigger than I thought.

I went into the maidenhead 3 store to ask about protective skins for the omnia and the guy there asked about my thoughts on the phone, when I mentioned the 8Gb limit he said that cant be right as all the training he has been given said it came with an SD slot.

I gave him the phone and he was amazed it didn’t have it, even took the battery cover off to prove it ha ha.


chillfire on October 24, 2010

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I hope you can help, you dont need to post this publicly, but I am running out of places to get help from.

The email address I was given by the 333 upgrade team guy, has just bounced, what is the correct email address for the complaints team?


chillfire on October 23, 2010

Yes I know Arne refused the delivery because I told him my phone didn’t have the SD slot…
The problem I have is the phone is part of my job, ie I build mobile apps, so I need a phone on the 3 network that is windowsphone 7 series that has more than 8Gb of storage, this leaves me stuck with the phone who’s spec changed from when I bought it to when it got delivered.
I tried to explain this to the 333 guys – all I want to be able to do is use the phone as it is now but have the opportunity upgrade it if/when the new phones get released to 3 that have more memory. I explained that if I return the phone I have to leave 3 to get a different one on a new network, they weren’t very passionate about wanting me to stay.
I have emailed proofs@ to see what they can do, but the 333 guys were trying to tell me that this blog wasn’t owned by three so I shouldn’t believe what is posted here (until I gave them the URL for it) and that the 3 site never said the phone was expandable..(I got screenshots as oone as the confusion started).. so I wasn’t too impressed with them to be honest.

Is it possible to meet up to discuss the problems I have had/am having around this phone?

On a plus side I was at a developer event today and the phone was enjoyed by many a greasy finger, also a lot of impressed faces when I told them the deal they can get on 3.


Moderator on October 22, 2010

@Arne Helseth – It’s not a problem if you want to return your phone within the first 14 days of delivery. If you do have any problems getting through to customer services then I can arrange for them to call you.

Moderator on October 22, 2010

@Chillfire – You should be able to return it, no probs, within the first 14 days. Sorry you’re disappointed

Arne Helseth on October 22, 2010

chillfire: You should have done what I did, refuse delivery. By now all their internal systems will be updated to show no SD slot so any attempt to speak to their customer support will be like having a root canal.

Good luck in returning it.

chillfire on October 22, 2010

I can now confirm the Samsung omnia 7 doe NOT have a microSD slot, very disappointed to say the least.

chillfire on October 21, 2010

I see the omnia 7 specs have been updated on the site to say it does not have any microSD slot anymore.

Does this mean we can return the phone if we don’t want it now due to the lack of expansion and wrong info on the site?


chillfire on October 21, 2010

may have found the problem US and UK version of the phone may be different


chillfire on October 21, 2010

Same question as arnehelseth, can anyone confirm if the omnia really does have an SD slot?

The review here

says that the SD slot is under the battery it is NOT a standard expansion slot for cards to be taken out and used elsewhere, it is storage extension only. Once the card goes in there it gets used by the phone as part of the total storage available.

I will more then likely send it back if I cant extend the storage space, shame really.


Arne Helseth on October 21, 2010

That’s what I figured. You should be getting quite a lot of devices sent back then as everyone I’ve spoke to needs more than the 8GB onboard storage.

What’s especially worrying is that I had a long chat with your support rep and he went away twice to confirm it did indeed have a slot.

Tanks for your answer though.

Moderator on October 21, 2010

@Arne Helseth – I’m sorry but you’ve definitely been misinformed. No Windows Phone 7 has an HD slot. Thanks for flagging, we’re getting all our copy amended and our teams rebriefed

Arne Helseth on October 21, 2010

So, does the Omnia 7 really have a SD card slot? All information online (as well as info from Microsoft and Samsung reps) points to it being 8GB with no SD slot, yet Three has it listed on their website with upgradeable memory (upto 32GB) – this was also confirmed to me by your customer support, but he was most likely quoting the Three website or intranet knowledgebase…

My handset is going back to Three and contract cancelled if in fact it turns up with no expandable memory

It sucks there are no stores (at least up in the NE) with stock though, had there been I could have verified with my own eyes rather than taking some random persons word for it.

Question: Is the launch shambles down to you, the operators (including all others like Orange, O2, T-Mobile etc), Microsoft or the device manufacturers? According to sources elsewhere shipments have contained a lot less handsets than ordered by networks/stores – this kinda makes me worried there is an inherent fault with either the hardware [or more likely] the software.

Moderator on October 21, 2010

@Chillfire – Phew!! Hopefully the hunt is over. Let us know how you get on with your new Windows Phone

chillfire on October 21, 2010

Just had a call from 333, new omnia 7 arrives tomorrow – very happy


chillfire on October 21, 2010

I found the buy now button unfortunately I was hoping to upgrade in store.

Called 333 and they have no stock, possibly this afternoon.

Is there anyway to find out if there is physical stock in stores


Moderator on October 21, 2010

@Chillfire – Launched the same phone as Orange today too You can buy it online here

chillfire on October 21, 2010

Morning, any updates on omnia 7 availability?

It looks like orange had a good morning in London with the microsoft hardware launch –


Moderator on October 19, 2010 @Chillfire – No probs, I’m just checking this out for you and a few others asking on twitter. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know

chillfire on October 18, 2010

Thanks moderator, is there anyway to find out where there will be stock?

Or will the people at 333 have a better idea on from the 21st?


Moderator on October 18, 2010

@Chillfire – Thanks for your feedback, really useful to know. We’re launching the Samsung Omnia 7 on Oct 21 as planned. As an existing customer, calling 333 is your best option for getting hold of the handset quickly. We’ll have limited stock, so it’s possible the Maidenhead store won’t have a batch from day one. So there is no hold-up as far as we’re aware

chillfire on October 18, 2010

I just came out of the Maidenhead 3 store.

I asked about the Omnia 7 and was told they were only launching the HTC and the nokia this month….

Called 333 (and after wrestling with the myriad of number selections…)

I asked about the Samsung omnia…. long pause, no updates about when it will be launched and no specific dates either…

Then was told I could get any phone I wanted on that operating system, but there was only one windows phone available.

This is really disappointing, can anyone at 3 comment on whether this lack of information is a manufacturing problem or an administration issue. I really thought the phone was to be launched on the 21st of October?

And with no information form the 3 team it makes me wonder what the hold up is or who is causing it?

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