Saturday, July 02, 2011

dev4good day 1

Day one has been a great day for learning!

The 3 charities all came to us with completely different problems.

Hope and Play ( were looking for a way to locate and manage resources. And allow other charities or people to do the same.

The Ministry of Stories ( are looking for a way to get more young people writing stories and publishing these to the world. All while helping to generate a little more cash along the way.

The Design and Craft Council ( want to be able to automate their awards processes

For me one of the big worries about the event was how to get the teams to work on all the projects.

Fortunately after much post it noting and milling about, the teams magically built themselves!

Then came much discussion and planning

Then the internet and wireless connections started to fail our multi user downloading of updates/platforms/frameworks. So much so that one of the teams retired to the pub next door to use their wireless (well that’s their story anyway)

More pics from day 1

Its been a great day and there will be more code and frivolity tomorrow.

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