Thursday, April 18, 2013

speed reading for business - great course from mylearningworx

As part of the quality testing team at I get to test some of the courses that are created by the community, the goods ones go live the not so good ones get help and advice form our worxsmith team to make them good.

And every once and awhile a course comes along that I think is awesome, quite tough as we are getting some pretty slick courses being created at the moment.

The one that I just finished testing is "Speed reading for business" by Alex Garcez (@alexgarcez) the speed reading coach, I liked it so much I made it course of the week!

I must admit I was a little skeptical about this as I have always thought I could read pretty fast, take in and then retain information as I read. But after finishing the 2 hour course I realised I had been missing a key part of it all, the techniques that Alex teaches are simple and for me they worked nearly instantly, like a light bulb being turned on.

And no I wont give away any of the techniques here, all I can say is it will be £27 well spent.

I now read in excess of double the speed I used to and I guess this will only get faster as I hone my skills.
It does mean I may be getting through a few more books on holiday though, so much for packing lite.

If you need to read and retain information on a day to day basis, I cannot recommend this course enough

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