Friday, August 09, 2013

Still no internet in 17% of UK homes - my solution

Almost a fifth of UK homes are still not online, new figures show, but mobile browsing continues to grow quickly.

Most UK mobile networks run a faster 3g (let alone 4G) connection that the majority of copper based broadband customers...

I can get 14Mb/s over my 3G handset in some part of the UK, my Demon 20Mb business broadband used to get 2.5Mb/s on a good day.... on fibre now though ;-)

With unlimited mobile data, it wont take long for people to realise they are actually paying twice for the same service.
While we sit at home surfing the net on our speedy home dsl, we are paying our mobile network for the priviledge of not using their network?

A better idea would be a docking station in the house that you simply place your mobile phone into, so when you are home the network routes all the house internet traffic through the handset... Dragons Den where are you...

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