Thursday, November 16, 2006

google adsense is changing

Hi Guys

my client has an adsense account for the keywords 'work permit'
(they are a uk immigration services company).
However if you do a search for 'hsmp' on google (this is a different
type of skilled visa for the UK, they appear in the sponsored links
They have no campaign setup for the hsmp keyword, however they have a
whole section on their site for those types of visas.

I did notice the google adbot hitting the site a few days ago?
It looks like google is playing with (well in this instance) with
contextual searching, so if I search for a keyword that is somewhere on
the adsense campaign landing page
48) it will display there link?

Very weird I cant find out if this is happening for any other keywords
but can anyone else have a google around to see whats up?


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