Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - mashups

I was at a microsoft event last night in london (in the swimming pool), the event was about and mashups (bringing disparate information together in one place).

As an ex-surveyor type I found the advancement of mapping ( on the web a real buzz, the ability to add your own maps and layer them on top of the microsoft virtual earth is really good, see for more info and technology previews. is a great idea its not just a web portal in the old fashioned way, its a place for (I know it sounds like I have been brainwashed, maybe they put something in the coffee?) people to re-brand the way the internat works nad how we use it.

I heard about rich user interfaces about 2 years ago at the launch of the .net framework, and finally it is starting to make its way on to the net, with the help of ajax ( and loads of developers and companies like microsoft and google heading the forefront of this we can look forward to a really heavy user interface for web sites. By this I mean your browser window will be used as a container for a fully blown application like paint. No download (maybe a plugin but no installation on your PC) but a fully interactive application you can turn off and come back on someone elses PC or maybe on your phone?

Have alook around or if you are interested in where technology going, you will be amazed.

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