Tuesday, October 07, 2008

asp.net Code snippet mangement for multiple development machines

I run 2-3 development machines and normally save my snippets on the toolbox 'General' tab, but as I move around the differrent PCs (not on same logins etc) I use its tough to get these code bits in a manageable state and up to date on every machine.

So I have started using Mark Manella Code snippet add in on all of my machines, this is an amazing extra for VS2008.

As the code snippets are all stored in the same relative folder, I can just update this folder on each machine.

For this I use syncToy 2.0 its a cool syncing app, very easy to use, and will sync folders across the network/pc.

Now there are probably other ways to do all of this, like running bat file to copy the snippets on login etc etc, but I like to know when the files are being updated.


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