Tuesday, February 06, 2007

google back links

After many changes in the google index and page ranks around the net google have changed how /what they tel us webmasters about our sites.

You can check the sites that link into your site (called a backlink) via google search, just type link:thesiteyouwanttocheck.com (ie link:www.chillfire.co.uk). This has never been 100% accurate as google has held back this information to stop black book SEO techniques and sites fighting over links etc (not a bad thing in the big scheme of things).

Google has chanegd its tune sightly in that if you have a google webmaster account (anyone can have one, you just need a site that you own - if you need one of these mail us: blog@chillfire.co.uk ) .

The webmaster toolkit is an online set of pages giving you access to the information that google has about your site, from web spider activity to highest ranking page this month. Now it breaks down you backlinks for you, very handy as you can check the quality of sites linking to your individual pages etc.

If you have any requirements for some SEO or just general website advice please dont hesitate to email us blog@chillfire.co.uk, we try and reply (no auto responder) withinin 24hrs, but you wont get a free hamburger if we dont.

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